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$280 /Jet ski  (  Minimun of 2 Jet ski )

Jet Ski rental booking process

Booking a Jet Ski session through Aquajet Miami website is really easy.

Click on the following button and select the dates, formula and options that suit you !

Jet Ski experience

  • Smaller than a boat, easier to drive and faster, the jet ski is a personal watercraft propelled by a jet drive and controlled by means of motorbike-style handlebars. In other terms, a motorbike that you can ride on the water, and the fastest and most maneuverable boats of all. The power is provided by sucking large quantities of water through an intake and squeezing it back out through a smaller outlet under very high pressure. Hang on for an exciting jet ski ride and enjoy a thrilling ride through the waves.  Aquajet Miami allows you to experience the ultimate in aquatic adventures with this adrenaline-fuelled Jet Ski session in Miami beaches. An entry level jet ski can seat up to two people and no previous experience is required, as professional jet ski instructions are provided.

Security and supervision

  • Feel the power of a Jetski on the open water, as an instructor will give you guidance until you get comfortable and in control of the machine. A jet ski session last approximately one hour and can be book by a single person or by 2 people per jet ski.


  • The jet ski session can be hold in most weather conditions, except high winds which can create a dangerous sea state. If the session has to be postpone for this reason, Aquajet Miami will re-arrange you a new one at a suitable date.


  • Soak in incredible sights and local wildlife from the open water. Get hooked with the ultimate aquatic adventure ! Aquajet Miami presents you a variety of experiences including Jet Ski for One and Jet Ski for Two. Share your machine or go solo for maximum driving. Browse our offers to find the perfect Jet Ski session for you.

Jet ski advices

  •        Wear a bathing suit. Please keep in mind that it is a watersport activity and you may get wet.
  •        Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks.

·        Arrive 15mn before the scheduled reservation.

Any questions ?

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