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Parasailing rental booking process

Booking a Parasailing session through Aquajet Miami website is really easy.

Click on the following button and select the dates, formula and options that suit you !

Parasailing : easy, safe and breathtaking activity

  • For those unfamiliar, parasailing consists in one or several passengers attached to a parachute fastened to a motorboat. Except for take off and landing, you don’t have to hold on on anything : the harness does all the work for you.
  • Parasailing could seem scary, but it s just the opposite. This activity is just one of the most safest and easiest watersport you could do, and its still remain fun and breathtaking at the same time, providing pure excitement. You do not need any previous experience for enjoying the most of it.
  • Benefit from our licensed and experienced instructors, specifically trained in all aspects of parasailing, boat handling and flight procedures. All our activities are monitored in order to protect the safety of our customers.

Aquajet miami parasailing experience

  • Aquajet miami provides you formula for single, double or triple persons, so that you can share the fun with the friends and the family.As you are gently floating on the air, at your chosen altitude, enjoy the panoramic views Miami beaches. Our professional crew assures you of a safe and memorable experience.This activity is perfect for couples, family, friends and solo person. For this activity, children must be at least 6 years of age in order to participate.

Be prepared for your parasailing session

Part parasailing and part boat ride, the session last about 45 mn, so you should come 15mn ahead for the equipment and instructions and plan about an hour for the whole activity. We recommend you to wear bathing suits and shorts, tshirts and flip flop, as for being comfortable, but indeed you don’t have to be wet for this activity. As the weather can be a bit cold in the morning, you can either wear just whatever suits you. If you’re visiting Miami, and as the weather can be changing, we recommend you to plan your your parasailing session in the beginning of your trip, so that we can postpone the reservation on another day, if the weather conditions are not good enough.

  • Parasailing price

Our Parasailing sessions prices start from 49 dollars per session.

  • Parasailing booking process

Our booking process is very simple. Go on the activities booking page, select your activity, choose the details of your session, choose the date, and pay online. Book now. Parasailing advices

  •        Wear a bathing suit. Please keep in mind that it is a watersport activity and you may get wet.
  •        Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks.

·        Arrive 15mn before the scheduled reservation.

Parasailing rental booking process

Booking a parasailing session through Aquajet Miami website is really easy. Just click on the following button and select the dates, formula and options that suit you ! Searching for what to do in Miami ? Seeking for a sensational experience, something new and exciting ? Book your parasailing session in Miami now !