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If you love the boating of yesterday and want style and luxury, this Chaparral Sunesta 27ft yacht is just made for you.
Rent this yacht and discover the wildlife and natural beauty of the coast of Miami.

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Board onto our New and Luxurious Chaparral Sunesta 27ft TT and Discover Miami in an Unforgettable Fashion.

Chaparral Sunesta 27ft rental / chartering in Miami, Florida

Board onto our 27ft Chaparral Sunesta Boat for an unforgettable experience in Miami’s water. This vessel is the perfect size to cruise around the bay and can carry a maximum of 6 guests on-board.

This boat comes with a Captain/Guide that will show you the bay as well as drive the boat. This boat provides plenty of comfortable seating so you can relax while taking in all the beautiful views Miami has to offer.

Stop for a quick swim in the warm waters, sit back under the shade, and grab a fresh drink thats included from our onboard cooler.

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