Wakesurf / Wakeboard / Water Ski

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Wakesurf / Wakeboard rental booking process

Booking a Wakesurf / Wakeboard session through Aquajet Miami website is really easy.

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Wakesurf / wakeboard school

  • Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are two exciting and popular sports that consist in riding waves and boat wakes while performing tricks. Board onto our brand new Nautique G21 and get the advice of a Pro ! Our Instructor will teach you how to get out of the water for the first time or how to improve your riding style and tricks for the more advance.


  • Aquajet Miami provide you with exciting wakesurf and wakeboard lesson, from our Wakesurf / wakeboard school in Miami. The wakeboard / wakesurf school is perfect for all ages and skill level, family friendly and includes all the necessary equipment. Fuel and Soft drinks are included along with a high end sound system! Fun and adrenaline guaranteed! Waterboard / watersurf school membership price
  • Contact us directly for more information concerning Membership. Please Call 1-305-713-2692 FOR BOOKING.

Wakeboard / Wakesurf / Water ski advices

  •        Wear a bathing suit. Please keep in mind that it is a watersport activity and you may get wet.
  •        Bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and snacks.

·        Arrive 15mn before the scheduled reservation.

The difference between wakeboard and wakesurf

Though wakeboard and wakesurf are similar, those two sports are quite different.


  • On a wakeboard, the rider hold onto a rope, connected to the boat throughout the whole duration of the ride.


  • On a wakesurf, the rider first grasps a rope to stand up on the board, but he needs to releases the rope and begins to surf by himself as the boat makes waves.

Indeed, for practical and security purposes, wakesurfing and wakeboarding involves quite different types of boats.

Wakeboard / Wakesurf : which one to choose ?

  • You’re a beginner in watersport :

Aquajet Miami recommend you to try wakeboard first. It will be easier for you to stand on the board, even though performing stunts may be harder than with wakesurf.


  • You a surfer or you’re experienced in watersport :

Wakesurf may be the one for you ! You’ll experience more adrenaline as you will have to let go of the rope, and then will be in control for performing stunts.


What you will learn :

  • How to ride in the boat’s wake
  • How to control your board
  • How to do tricks step by step
  • How to master the muscle memory and technique for the desired trick

Wakeboard / Wakesurf rental booking process

Booking a wakeboard or wakesurf session through Aquajet Miami website is really easy. Just click on the following button and select the dates, formula and options that suit you ! Searching for what to do in Miami ? Seeking for a sensational experience, something new and exciting ? Book your wakeboard or wakesurf session in Miami now !